Riga region in the northern, which includes almost all of the historical Ciekurkalna area (the area behind the railway and Teika surrounding) and industrial buildings to Kishezera end. Ciekurkalns localized region in the northeast of the city center of Riga between the rail base and Kishezers. Land borders - Juglas, Teikas and Mezhaparka neighborhoods.

It's named in honor of rich pine cones, which have grown in the dune hills. The district is an important part of Riga, which has a history deeply rooted in the origins of the city. In 1687 Riga landowners Dietrich Shreijs owned Ciekurkalna or Mazjumprava manor. Thereafter until the 1800s the building belonged to the famous Colonel Baron Gustav von Veismani Veisenshtein who is famous as the first port of Riga builder. 19th century manor house on the site of the former Mazjumprava 70 hectares was built a residential area - Ciekurkalns who in 1877th crossed municipal authorities.

Ciekurkalns - one of the oldest districts of Riga workers. In 1900 in neighborhood located several industrial companies: wagon factory "Phoenix", jute textiles, tool plant "Salamandra", etc. Particular area was flooded with low-rise buildings (802 houses built of wood), which had a significant impact Riga demographic statistics. In 20th century were built the fire station, the city's elementary school, water tower, erected 71 kerosene lamp and the first paved street. Pskov - Riga railway line was opened in 1889, which provided a major strategic Petersburg - Warsaw railway line. Major building art monument - once the largest water tower in Riga, the author of an architectural was master Ludwig Vilhems Bokslafs.

Nowadays in Ciekurkalns there are several industrial companies and production association "Dailrade", "TEC-1", "Butcher of Riga", as well as educational institutions High School 37 and 8, first Riga thermal power station (TEC-1), which is famous for the fact that by construction of hydroelectric Plavinju it has been the largest Latvian power.

Ciekurkalna area occupiesed the largest area of mixed building site - 23% or 129ha located near a variety of manufacturing, warehousing and wholesale trade works. District construction (companies, factories) potential is considerably high because of the territory inhabited by the amount of people that make up a large part of the Riga consumers. domain is for sale
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